Hello everyone, and welcome to “The Gang From the Store: True Tales From the Comic Book Shop.”  This is a comic strip I did from Nov. 2009 to June 2010, and each strip is a true story about something that happened when I worked at Buried Under Comics in Manchester, CT.  Originally hosted at the now-defunct pkdmedia.com, the strip has been offline for a little while, so I created this site to make sure all the strips were available for reading.  And if you like what you see here but want something you can carry around with you without worrying about running out of batteries or needing an outlet, you can buy a book copy of the complete series here, from IndyPlanet. The book contains all 64 original strips as well as artist’s commentary on each one, as well as a bunch of behind-the-scenes sketches, too.  So here’s The Gang From the Store.  Enjoy.